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 How 5280 Realty - RE5280.com works!

Looking for a new pad


Looking to change ponds entirely?


It is very easy to begin using 5280 Realty's RE5280.com website. You can browse 5280's entire website for Free, nothing to sign-up for or need to register. The premise behind 5280 is to offer the Denver Colorado Realty market an alternative the tradtional Real Estate brokerage. With 5280 Real Estate you can List a real estate property for free or have 5280 Realty represent you in a realty transaction for a Fee that we can negotiate, it is very similar to a popular Airline fair bidding website.....Name your own price for selling your real estate property.

If you would like to List your real estate property for Free, all you will need to do is create an account and begin Listing your Colorado Real Estate. You will then be sent a confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the e-mail address that you registered with. This e-mail contains your unique Login Username and Password, that you create when you register. This security measure allows you to be the only person with access to create and edit your individual Colorado Real Estate Listing.

You will now be considered a member with complete access to list your own properties.You can now login and create as many RealEstate listings as you desire, there is no limit. Whether you are a FSBO - For Sale By Owner or a Realtor, you have complete control of each and every Colorado Real Estate Listing you create....for FREE! Once you are registered use your Member ID (your unique e-mail address and your password) to come back as often as you like to edit and control your listing...That's It!


To Begin Listing for free simply register and receive your Member ID: CLICK HERE

If you still want a little more information, need some more instructions or have more in-depth questions before you sign up please: CLICK HERE

If you would like to read our 5280 Realty FAQ page - Frequently Asked Questions about your account, login or common questions or errors please: CLICK HERE


5280 Realty: Denver Colorado Real Estate-Colorado property listings Denver homes for sale or house rental - 5280 Realty - Denver Colorado Real Estate 5280 Denver home Listings
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